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From Our Shop: Custom Made Diamond Engagement Ring at Johnson's


Thank you Johnson's Jewelers for this lovely custom made diamond engagement ring!


Project Summary:

Johnson's experts worked closely to interpret their customer's vision into an original design.  They then worked with Jabel's custom design department where two hallmark Jabel designs were melded into one unique custom engagement ring.  The setting comes from Style #DM4486 and was produced in 18KT white gold.  It was paired with Style #2983's die struck carved dogwood and leaf pattern shank in 14KT pink gold. A total of 6 diamonds (.18 cttw) compliment the customer’s .73 ct round diamond center.


Top View






Kaylan's Jabel Rings: Custom Design, Gents and Carved 14KT Bands


describe the image

Kaylan's Story:

Kaylan choose Jabel bands for her wedding because her mom wore one. 

Kaylan's Engagement Ring:
BL3900 in Platinum

Kaylan's Wedding Band
Custom Designed Platinum Diamond Eternity Band

Matt's Wedding Band
SW2335 in 18KT White Gold

Matching Sister Rings
CW943 in 14KT Pink and Green Gold


Photographs of Kaylan and Matt's Wedding By Angela Newton Roy.






From Our Shop: Patricia's Jewelry Restoration


Thank you Patricia for sharing the restoration of your 35-year old pink and green gold carved band and mounting; set with an Imperial Topaz. 

Band Style CW943/14YGPPatrica May 9 2013

Mounting Style BL3119 (head from different manufacturer)

Restoration Summary

Our hand engraver chased the carved elements on both the ring and band.  A break was repaired to the band and our jewelers solder the rings together.

Customer Comment

"You did a wonderful job restoring my rings, they look almost like brand new! Thank you so much!"     May 5, 2013



Do you have a piece of Jabel jewelry you would like us to restore? Click here to locate a jeweler in your area.

Pink and Green Gold Carved Jewelry: A 6 Step American Made Treasure


describe the imageCarved jewelry is a unique three dimensional jewelry making process that combines two rare techniques; die striking and hand engraving. Examples of this process can be seen on a variety of jewelry including wedding bands, diamond mountings, bracelets, earrings and crosses. The example seen to the left is from Jabel's ellobrate collection of dogwood blossom motif jewelry, struck in 14KT pink and green gold with an all 18KT yellow gold variation (Style #CW943).


The ProcessCW2156 400X400 blog

Step 1: The pink gold is struck in relief as seen in the example on the right of Jabel's Style #CW2156.

Step 2: A jeweler then solders the die struck green gold leaves onto the recessed areas of pink.

Step 3: When complete, the piece is returned for a second striking which compresses the green down onto the pink so there are no visible solder seams.

Step 4: For Rings, after compressing the metal, it goes back to the jeweler where the band is carefully rounded up making a perfect circle.  The joint is then soldered.

Step 5: The next step is polishing the outside of the jewelry for engraving where a stippling texture is hand applied.  This type of engraving gives the ring a three dimensional effect.

Step 6: After engraving, it's returned to polishing to have a final cleaning and polishing for hand stamping the trademark and karat (see example below of #CW965). The last step is finishing.

Customize Your JewelryCW965PG 400X400 (1)blog

As a Made in America collection of jewelry we have the distinct ability to customize our jewelry to meet your needs.  The most popular customization we do in the carved collection is by adding diamonds to the center of Jabel's signature dogwood flower design. This is an excellent way to remount family heirloom diamonds.


An Artist's Touch: Hand Engraved Jewelry



describe the image

Vintage jewelry with engraved inspired details are all the rage in today's market place, but do you know what you are buying?  Many patterns are cast rather than hand engraved by a skilled artisan.  At Jabel we bring the art of hand engraving like those used on this sapphire and diamond wedding set (DM4502SA/W4502SA) to life with our collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry that is made by a skilled hand engraver in our New Jersey office.

Hand engraving has a long and rich tradition. Engraved jewelry, pottery, sculpture and other art objects grace the collection of museums around the world.  It is a technique that is thousands of years old.  It was widely used on 20th century jewelry until its decline in the 1950's when a variety of influences resulted in its decline.

At Jabel we honor the tradition by employing a skilled Artisdescribe the imagean who meticulously crafts each piece of jewelry.  

Designs Offered

While original designs can be commissioned Jabel uses two popular motifs on our jewelry;Scroll & Millgrain and Wheat.

Our popular Wheat pattern as pictured in the seamless gold band to the right, #SW2339 can be applied to any number of die struck jewelry styles.  To discuss commissioning a custom pattern please contact your local Jabel retailer.

The Process

The process begin in the die striking department where multiple steps are taken to create a smooth metal pieces of jewelry.  At which point the near finished piece of jewelry is given to our skilled describe the imagehand engraver who expertly carves the pattern using only hand-eye coordination and years of professional experience as demonstrated in the mounting to the right #DM4527.  Our engraver uses a scriber to indicate the pattern, wood handled gravers to cut into the precious metal and burnishers to eliminate burrs.  In order to guarantee accuracy our engraver uses a 'block' to hold the jewelry in a vise that uses pins to to hold the item to be engraved.  The entire block is set on a swivel base allowing for maneuvering. These tools make it so every wedding band, engagement ring, pendant and bracelet that our artist engraves is to become a one-of-a-kind work of art. To learn more about the die struck process please click here.

Carved Jewelry

We also use hand engraving in our popular Carved jewelry collection, see #CW943 below.  After the floral patterns are struck in relief and then complete a careful process of jewelers work and further striking, the hand engraver traces the pattern to apply a matting texture to either the flower or leaf depending on the style number.

CW943PG 300



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